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vDSL Broadband

guageVDSL broadband is an enhanced service that uses copper phone lines just like ADSL broadband, but can provide a much faster connection. VDSL is not available everywhere, but the coverage is currently at around 60% of the locations where ADSL is available.

With greater speed and capacity, VDSL will enable you to run multiple business services over the Internet, connect offices together, use VOIP calling and of course save on your total telecommunication costs.

As VDSL is not available everywhere, we would need to check your address. If you are already using ADSL, there is a good chance that VDSL is available. Contact BRYTE for a free checkup of your telecommunication services and expenses and we can tell you what services are in your area. We can also show you how you can save money and how your business can benefit from utilizing the Internet more efficiently.

Call us today and let BRYTE introduce you to a whole new world of business communication.