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ADSL Broadband

internetThe most common way to have Internet connected in New Zealand is over ADSL. Using copper phone lines, ADSL can be connected 'Clothed', with an operational phone number, or 'Naked' without one. If you have no need for an operational analog phone line, a Naked ADSL connection is the best for you.

Although ADSL connections are the most basic and among the slowest available, most business services can run across this type of connection. If you are still operating multiple phone lines because of your need for eftpos, fax and voice calling, many of these services can run happily over an ADSL connection and save your business the cost of unnecessary phone lines.

Even if you are already using ADSL and ADSL is the only broadband connection available in your location, contact BRYTE for a free no obligation assessment of you telecommunication services and expenses. We will show you not only how you can save money, but how your business can benefit from utilizing more efficiently the Internet connection you have.

Don’t have broadband yet? Call us today and let us introduce you to a whole new world of business communication.